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SuperSkids Landing Gear ®

Fits many 300 size helicopters.


(Esky HoneyBee CP2)


"The best upgrade you can buy for your micro helicopter."

Available in black (SLG300BK), white (SLG300WT) or black & silver (SLG300BK-SV).


The Walkera Dragonfly 4G1B/A (HM 4G1) is not the same as the Dragonfly 4 (HM 004).   Walkera 4G1A or 4G1B requires SuperSkids400 + Adapter22.




SuperSkids3D are lighter than our regular SuperSkids Landing Gear. They're for Advanced pilots who want to do aggressive, aerobatic flying and are extremely concerned about weight. SuperSkids3D have shorter skids and lighter mounts than regular SuperSkids Landing Gear, and do not include the wing, struts or tail fin.

 Available in black (ALG300BK ), or black & silver (ALG300BK-SV).



SuperSkids200 fit several coaxial, 200, 250 and 300 size  helicopters. They're

almost unbreakable and have a universal fit for most helis and come with adapters for others.


SuperSkids200 on an E-Flite Blade CX3 MD 520N



SuperSkids400 are just what you need for your 400 to 450 size helicopter. The built-in passive suspension is designed to isolate your helicopter's frame from impact forces.  Fits Esky HoneyBee King2 and Belt CP, Walkera DF36 and similar 400 size helis, T-rex and similar 450 helis, and some 300 size helicopters.

Available in black only (SLG400BK).



SuperBlades™ are advanced performance blades for fixed pitch helicopters like the Esky HoneyBee FP, HoneyBee FP V2, Walkera DF4, Exceed Falcon 40, EF Sabre, Dynam  

Hughes 300 and Phoenix FP, Venom Night Ranger II, Twister FP and other similar helicopters.


SuperBlades on an Esky HoneyBee FP



SuperBlades Screw Kit  allows you to mount  SuperBlades on a variety of helicopters that require a thin blade mounting ring.


SuperBlades w/Screw Kit on a Walkera UFly (with Lama 400D canopy)





Adapts SuperSkids400™ to work with Walkera 22E, 4G1A/B, UFly, Century Hummingbird Pro, Eagle 50, Night Ranger 3D and many other heli models. Comes in pairs and with hardware.

[Installation Guide]






Strut Sockets

These strut sockets hold up to 2mm diameter struts and allow you to anchor them to you helicopter frame, landing gear or tail fin. For Example - if you're using Adapter22 on your UFly to mount SuperSkids landing gear, these sockets will hold the struts under the landing gear so you don't have to drill new holes.







Works with SuperSkids400™ and most 400/450 size helis. Strengthens the frame of 400/450 helis like the T-rex, DF36, Blade400 and Belt CP where the landing gear attaches. Adds 8mm ground clearance. Stiffens SuperSkids400 suspension. Comes in pairs and with hardware.






SuperGrips  are landing skid grips that stop your heli from sliding on almost any surface.







Very light, high aspect ratio, low drag, performance paddles for FP helis with 2mm flybars. Great for the HoneyBee FP and Walkera FP helis including the 4G1B, and many more. Their shape is much more efficient than stock paddles and they really reduce the rotating mass in the head for better performance. Makes these small helis handle more like the larger ones. In stock helis, they smooth the response and reduce control delays. In “hot” setups, they give you the aggressive control you need. Contains 1 pair and hardware.

Note: The weight advantage of SuperPaddles isn’t just that they reduce the weight of your heli by ~7 grams, it’s where they reduce the weight. Because they’re attached to the head, they reduce the rotating mass which means longer flight times, quicker cyclic response, and faster spin up (acceleration).





SuperCF 2mm Flybar

2mm carbon fiber rod, 165mm. These flybar rods are stronger and bend less than stock flybars on FP helis. Stiffer flybars mean more positive control. They're 5mm shorter than most stock flybars and work great with SuperPaddles or stock paddles. We made them 5mm shorter than stock flybars because we felt the stiffer rod made response too aggressive for most pilots when used with the very light SuperPaddles.






Our high performance, lithium polymer (LiPo) SuperPack™  batteries are the latest technology. They're the lightest battery packs in their class, have long balance and power leads, come with connectors already installed and are packed with power. SuperPack™ batteries are specifically designed and tested for use with micro helicopters and other high current applications.






SuperBoom  is our Titanium alloy tail boom. It's the same Ti alloy commonly used in aerospace engineering. SuperBoom has a nice, polished finish and engraved SuperSkids logo. Adding the power of Titanium to your micro heli will do more than just make it look good. 




Super Battery Tray™

Fits Esky HBK2 and most 400/450 helis. Extended battery tray for a better fit and easier mounting. Has our exclusive non-slip Orange Pad™. These are made to work with SuperSkids400, but will work with other landing gear by drilling a couple holes. Includes rubber bands and hardware. These are not for use with SuperSkids300 (SLG300) or SuperSkids3D (ALG300) kits which already include a battery tray.  Flexible, to help protect the battery and frame.   [Installation & Parts list]




Orange Pad™

This is 2 strips of the non-slip Orange Pad we use in our Super Battery Tray. These are great to help hold batteries or servos in place, and have many other uses for the DIY hobbyist. The strips are about 1.4” x 8.9” and have a peel and stick adhesive back.




This E-sky charger will charge both 7.4 volt and 11.1 volt  Li-Poly batteries.




SuperPad    Helicopter Landing Zone Mouse Pad

We're making 2 styles of these pads with the fUnc Industries 10s surface. This is the best and smoothest mouse surface you can buy, and it doubles as a precision landing target for your micro helicopter. Check out the reviews on Func at newegg.com and other large retailer sites. 



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