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Orange Pad™

We've gone from SuperSkids to Non-Skid with this product. This is 2 strips of the non-slip Orange Pad just like we use in our Super Battery Tray. These are great to help hold batteries or servos in place, and have many other uses for the DIY hobbyist. The strips are about 1.4” x 8.9” and have a peel and stick adhesive back. Orange Pad is not sticky, it's just incredibly grippy. The more pressure you put on it, or the heavier the object is, the more it grips.


M.S.R.P. $5.95

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Orange Pad ™



Additional Information

When installing Orange Pad™, it's best to clean the surface with soapy water, rinse it thoroughly and dry it with a cloth. Then clean the surface again with alcohol and let it air dry. The adhesive back on Orange Pad will stick to a clean surface much better than an oily or dirty surface.

To keep the non-slip surface performing optimally, clean it once in a while with soapy water, rinse it thoroughly and let it dry. The non-slip surface works best when it's clean.



What's this? SuperSkids in the Music business?

The Ovation CC059 is a nice guitar, but apparently the rounded bowl design makes it difficult to hold on your leg when you play it sitting down. Here's an innovative use for Orange Pad that we hadn't thought of.



A strip of Orange Pad on an Ovation guitar to stop it from slipping.







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