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Landing Gear Accessory Pack 

This kit adds the tail wing, tail fin, and compression struts to SuperSkids400, SuperSkids200, and SuperSkids3D kits. The wing and fin fit 5mm tail booms like SuperBoom and the stock booms for the Blade CP & Pro, Esky Honeybee FP (V1 Only), and similar helis using a 5mm tail boom. If you don't know the OD of your tail boom, please measure it. (Note: The HoneyBee FP V2 has an 8mm tail boom that this kit does not fit.)


This kit includes several parts from the  SuperSkids300 (SLG300) kits:

tail wing, tail fin, strut assembly, tail saver bead, tail fin clip,  mounting screws for the fin and wing, front and rear mounts, battery clips, battery rods, battery rod grips, high quality rubber bands, and extra screws. The SLG300 online manual is located HERE and can be used as a reference for idea on how to use these parts. Note, the battery rods can also be used with Adapter22 to create a better battery mounting system on some  helicopter models.




[Not in retail packing]*

* This is an add-on item packaged from new parts in our warehouse..



Our Price   Only $9.95

In Stock

 SLG000-A   White

In Stock

 SLG000-A   Black


   Includes the above parts + mounting screws. Not IN RETAIL packaging.


Landing Gear Accessory Pack with SuperSkids400 on a Guru-Z frame.



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