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Remove the screws that hold the stock landing gear to your heli, and remove the landing gear.




Start screws into the stock landing gear from the bottom. Place the Adapter22 on top of the stock landing gear, center it, hold it tight, and screw the Adapter22 to the stock landing gear. When you take the pieces apart, you should have 2 threaded holes in the Adapter22 that will line up the the frame of your heli and make assembly easier later. 



Screw the Adapter22 pieces into the frame. It may be easier to start on one side and then swing the 
Adapter22 into place to install the 2nd screw.


Assemble your SuperSkids400 (or other landing gear) and slide the legs (landing gear) on the skids so that they line up with the position of the Adapter22s. Final adjustments can be made after the landing gear is installed, but getting it close now will make it easier to do the final adjustments when the landing gear is installed.

Final assembly will look like this. The only thing left is mounting the canopy. Depending on the model helicopter you have, you may or may not have to modify the lower canopy holes.



Here's an example of the  Walkera 4G1B canopy. In the picture on the right, the green indicates the stock holes. I used a common paper punch to make new holes that fit the Adapter22 perfectly.




We have some parts for mounting the battery as it's done with our SuperSkids300 and 3D kits. The Adapter22 has dimples on the bottom that can be enlarged to hold 2mm CF battery rods. If you're interested in these parts, email Gary at Admin@super-skids.com and ask about them. Here are some pictures of the new battery mounting on a UflyS. Being able to move the battery further forward or back really helps to balance the helicopter.

Click on the pictures for a larger view.





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