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SuperBlades Screw Kit

This kit will allow you to install SuperBlades on a variety of helicopter models that require a thin blade mounting ring. If you want to mount SuperBlades on a Walkera UFly, UFlyS, 4G1B or a helicopter that uses similar blade grips (head), this is the kit you need.


NOTE:  See installation notes at the bottom of this page.


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Installation is quite simple. Place the metal washer and then the green soft spacer onto the screw and insert this assembly into the SuperBlade.. Insert the white filler* between the upper and lower parts of the blade grip. This helps to stop them from being pushed together when the blades are tightened. 

Put the screw assembly and superblade into the holes of the blade grip and filler, and secure it with the nut. Tighten the screw and nut.




*An Important Note - the filler supplied with this kit is universal to fit different spacing in different heli models. We supply this as a convenience, but you really should fill the space with the mounting ring of a stock blade or the little spacer that comes with them.   

If you prefer, you can mount the SuperBlades on the bottom of the blade grips, but our testing so far indicates that mounting them on top may give slightly better performance. You may disagree. 





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