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SuperBlades™ are advanced performance blades for fixed pitch helicopters like the Esky

HoneyBee FP, HoneyBee FP V2, Walkera DF4 (HM004), Exceed Falcon 40 (V1 only), EF Sabre, Dynam Hughes 300 and Phoenix FP, Venom Night Ranger II, Twister FP and other similar helicopters.


SuperBlades on an Esky HoneyBee FP



SuperBlades XP  review on MyRCguides.com


SuperBlades EZ excels at hovering and very slow speed stability and is designed to help beginners learn how to fly and encourage them to stay with the hobby. They are not designed for fast forward flight (FFF). SuperBlades XP is for intermediate and advanced pilots and excels at fast flight, yet remains stable at hover. EZ has lots of lift with stock motors and gears. XP has shallower pitch (less lift) and works with most stock motors and gears. If your FP helicopter has a 2S LiPo (7.4volts), and if it's heavy, you may need a 12T pinion with the stock motor, or a 3S LiPo battery. Normally this only applies to older helicopter models.

(Please see SuperBlades Installation Video at the bottom of this page).

Note - both XP and  EZ  will work with the new, stock Esky HoneyBee FP Ver.2.



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EZ300    Only $12.95


SuperBlades now come with high quality stickers. See installation details here.  








Walkera Style mounting screw kit available here.


 The mounting ring on SuperBlades is 4 mm thick and the hole is 5.15 mm in diameter.





SuperBlades EZ  in office on a well trimmed HBFP


SuperBlades XP  on a HoneyBee FP V2












SuperBlades EZ  Early Promotional Video


SuperBladesTM Installation Video



Once you've learned to hover with SuperBlades EZ, flown some small, slow circles and practiced nose-in hovering, you may want faster forward speed but may not feel you're ready for the agility of the XP model. SuperBlades are made to be modified. On the bottom of the blades you'll see a 1mm wide line scored into the trailing edge and the tip, at 2mm from those edges. These lines can  be used as visual guides. EZ's will still be stable, but hands-off hovering may no longer be possible. In the video below, about 2.5mm was trimmed from the trailing edge and 6mm from the tips. How much you should trim depends on your specific heli and what kind of performance you want. If you're not comfortable trimming the trailing edge, just trim the tips.





SuperBlades  now come with high quality stickers for the graphics. These are "peel and stick" (pre-cut) so you don't have to cut them out of the sheet. 

Now you have a choice of leaving your blades blank, or several ways to decorate them.

We suggest washing the blades and your hands with soapy water, rinsing thoroughly, and drying. We also suggest wiping the blades down with alcohol before applying the stickers.

If you want to decorate your blades with our standard graphic, you can use this diagram to help you line them up. 

 Use "A" or "B", whichever is easiest for you.


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