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SuperSkids200 have arrived !


SuperSkids200 fit several coaxial, 200, 250 and 300 size  helicopters. They're almost

unbreakable and have a universal fit for most helis and come with adapters for others.


SuperSkids200 on an E-Flite Blade CX3 MD 520N


SuperSkids200 on a T-Rex 250


SuperSkids200 have shorter aluminum skids than SuperSkids 300 and 400 landing gear so they'll have a more scale appearance on the smaller 200 size helis. Their skids are the same as the ones used in SuperSkids 3D kits.


                  M.S.R.P.  $16.95 

                       OUR PRICE  Only $12.95

In Stock


SLG200BKS  Short Skids - Black

[1 inch = 25.4 mm]



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SuperSlids200 on a T-rex 250


SuperSkids200 on a Gaui 200. Photo courtesy of Dino Zuzic.

Stock Gaui screws were too short. Had to enlarge holes on Gaui frame just a bit to use SuperSkids screws.


SuperSkids200 on an Esky Lama 4. The adapters look like little shock absorbers.


SuperSkids200 on a Walkera 5#10 (Century CX Spirit)


SuperSkids200 on an Exceed Madhawk300 (Walkera CB180)


SuperSkids200 with Adapter22 and Upswept SuperBoom on a Walkera 4G1B






SuperSkids400 (left) and SuperSkids200 (right).

SuperSkids300 and 400 are the same size, SuperSkids200 is smaller.


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